Friday, October 14, 2011

“180” Movie Producer Answers Angry Critics

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA. A new 33-minute award-winning movie has stirred up a hornet’s nest on Youtube. “180” has had a record-breaking 12,000 plus comments, many of which were so angry it left ears tingling. In 16 days, close to a million people have freely watched the movie on The fiery controversy is over the comparison of the Jewish Holocaust with American abortion. The Huffington Post quoted author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel as saying,

"It is blasphemy to reduce a tragedy of such monumental proportions to this human tragedy, and abortion is a human tragedy." He added that those who compare the holocaust to abortion “prove that they do not know what the Holocaust was."

The movie’s producer, best-selling author, Ray Comfort, disagrees. “I’m also Jewish, and I spent months researching for a book I wrote called Hitler, God, and the Bible and wept my way through the Holocaust. It was a horror beyond words. But I have to agree in one respect. Nearly 60 million Americans have been slaughtered by abortion, and that’s ten times the amount of Jews who died under the Nazis. So as far as numbers are concerned, there is no comparison.”

In “180” Comfort argues that Hitler justified killing six millions Jews by saying that they weren’t “human,” and he maintains that that’s what those who are pro-abortion do with babies in the womb. Comfort, who is also a TV co-host, added, “But the Nazi comparison doesn’t stop there. Many people think that it was a mystery as to what motived Hitler to kill so many Jews. It’s not mystery at all. He seized the assets of wealthy Jewish families, and each one he murdered added up to billions of dollars.” According to the experts, Hitler financed a massive 30 per cent of the German war effort by killing Jews and stealing their wealth. “Jewish murder was a lucrative and lawful business--from the taking of their homes, their paintings, their savings, the gold in their teeth, to the hair on their heads—all of it added up to money in the bank for Hitler, and American abortion has the same big incentive.”

Comfort pointed to abortion provider’s prices, by saying, “If you don’t believe that it’s a huge money-making scheme, check out your local provider’s current prices. They will perform a procedure for just $765 for up to a 16-week-old child, but the price increases if the baby is over 19 weeks. You will be shelling out three times the amount, and paying a whopping $2,165 That’s pretty good income for a few minutes of ripping off the arms, the legs, and head of a baby onto a table; checking the body parts to make sure they’re all out, and then putting them in the trash. And it’s all legal, just like the Holocaust.”

Comfort’s movie shows eight people who are adamantly pro-abortion, changing their minds to being pro-life, in a matter of seconds because he asked them one question. He is expecting more fierce opposition from pro-abortion groups because “If you can change someone’s mind about abortion, you change the way they vote. And that’s a huge threat to a billion dollar business.” That’s why he is guarding the date and locations at which a thousand people will go to 100 top universities across the U.S. and freely giving away 200,000 copies of “180” (in one day) sometime this month. Interviews available through B&B Media: